My Portfolio Page

Here are some samples of different types of instructional videos that I have produced.

Promotional / Instructional Video

This is one of many marketing videos that I did with Sungard. 

I used a series of tools to produce these videos including:

  • Screen Capture

  • Video Capture

  • On Site HD Audio Recording using internal Sungard talent.

  • Project Management

Customer How-To Maintenance Video
Chair Side PB Chuck r1

Chair Side PB Chuck r1

Play Video

This is a sample of one of a series of HD videos that I produced for Lares Research to provide dentists with chair side product replacement and maintenance instruction to mitigate malfunction and unnecessary returns. 

  • We produced videos in English, Spanish and Japanese.

  • I directed and produced the videos

  • I provided the English voice over support

  • I subcontracted video, language and technical support.

  • Project Management

Software Instructional Video

This video walks the user through the steps required to create a simple online course using Talent LMS.

It didn't take me very long to produce it and it provided my client with the help needed to quickly move forward!