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Learning Management Systems

A Learning Management System or LMS is a cloud based system designed to assist you in centralizing all of your training and training records. And while the LMS has been around for 20 + years, over that time, providers have succeeded in rolling out learning management systems that are much easier to use at a dramatically lower price point.

Further, while these systems have been around for a long time, many companies are either not aware of their existence or they have yet to see the value in training management to justify the investment in rolling one out.


If you have ever tried to manage workforce training with a combination of spreadsheets and Word documents, you know that it can get complicated real quickly! 


An LMS allows an organization to create, deliver and manage training records and generate compliance reports in realtime.

However, today it seems that even your small or mid sized business is saddled with more and more regulatory compliance requirements including OSHA and HIPAA. And depending on your business there could be many other agencies as well. 

Trust me when I tell you that a properly managed LMS can keep you out of hot water with compliance auditors with just a couple of real time reports.

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