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How I Approach Project Management

I implement business software and aid companies in improving critical processes for a living... Most every time I sign a contract with a client, as a part of that implementation, I manage the project too...


Why is that?


It's usually one or more of the following reasons:

  • First there might not be anyone internally that has time to manage it with more urgent, pressing issues taking priority. They are focused on getting more sales in the pipeline, more product out the door and so it goes...

  • Second, there might not be anyone internally that wants to manage a software implementation and let's face it, herding cats is not something anyone looks forward to doing!

  • Finally, the type of projects that I manage; process and tech improvement related initiatives where business and technology intersect might require expertise that just is not available internally.

In addition to the above, a project that focus' on process improvement is usually not categorized as urgent, BUT it is usually important or I would not be there! These projects require a great deal of attention to detail and focus and with every day distractions and interruptions being the norm in the work world, having someone like me dedicated to the project provides assurance that progress is going to happen!

A Little Bit More About My Approach...

Now let's talk about project management for a minute and how I go about it...

  • First of all I keep it simple. The purpose of managing a project is exactly that, managing the project, NOT generating pretty gantt charts. If dependencies and predecessors really exist fine, let's make them known, but the focus is to get the job done. Period.

  • I can work with the project management tools that you use, but I will tell you, I am not a big fan of MS Project! It's expensive, there's a learning curve and collaboration is not what I would call seamless. Excel is fine, email is fine .... I use a tool that is light weight, reasonably priced, easy to learn (even addictive) and collaboration is great.

  • Next, regardless of how "turnkey" my services can be, I need timely input from you the client. Without direction, I might be "scaling the wall" only to find out, IT'S THE WRONG DANG WALL! So I know that everyone is busy, but implementing software is NOT a spectator sport and sooner or later, you and your team are going to be using the software; Put another way, eventually, you need to "own it".

  • Next, when I manage a project, my goal is to make progress every day and to make that progress known, what the next actions are and when they are expected to be completed.

Everyone feels better when they know that things are moving forward!

So that's it in nutshell. If you have any further questions about me assisting your organization in a project, please do not hesitate to call me at 530-591-7674. I provide a preliminary consultation with NO obligation!

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